wizzeekly wizzuzzup.

remember how i gave you a tour of the front of our house last week?  (well, i guess it wasn't really a tour, considering anyone driving by has the same information, but we'll call it a tour.)  and remember how i told you that the mums around my mailbox were all crazy and asymmetrical?  well, i'm a lucky girl to have a husband who reads my blog.  he showed up at home that same day with some more mums for me to plant.  so i got them in the dirt as a storm threatened.  that's how gung-ho i was.

atticus' favorite magazine is hy-vee seasons.  as a result, he recently got it in his head that he wanted to make caramel apples.  obviously, the caramel apples in the magazine looked way nicer than anything i'd ever attempt, but i told him we'd try to make some.  so i made some of that pinterest caramel where you just boil a can of sweetened condensed milk.  (i can't eat that really sticky kind of caramel usually used for coating the apples because of my crazy orthodontia.)  it tasted awesome.  it looked like discharge.  we did the best we could.

um, yikes, right?!

after all of that, finneas was the only one who liked the caramel.  atticus ate the apple once todd wiped the caramel off.

penelope fell out of bed at least twice, and has massive bruising all over her face.  her lip got all scraped up, her eyes are slightly blackened, she has a bruise on the side of her nose, and one very long bruise on her cheek where she landed on the side of a toy box.  it's been an intense week for her.

my friend jenni lent the kids a book about dog breeds.  in coming across the following picture, atticus was all, 'what kind of dog is that?! it only has three legs!'  i had to convince him that it was just a person picking up dog poop with her hand.  he (understandably) thought i was joking.

and lastly, atticus helped me make dinner last night.  all of his hy-vee seasons-inspired dreams came true.

happy friday, all y'all!


Heather said...

that is some intense apple eating right there.

and we love our jesus storybook bible! poor penelope though. yikes.

todd said...

Would you like a caramel apple?
No, but I would like a regular apple, so Yes I will take a caramel apple and a napkin please.

Emily said...

Hey, cute pajama pants on the boy! ;)
It was also pretty heartwarming to see Finneas with the fox quilt when he was sick a while back.