happy 35th birthday to my wonderful husband.

all i can really say about todd right now is that, if we both knew how to play the banjo, he would play 'dueling banjoes' with me.  just because he knows i would love that.  todd is my dueling banjo.  and we all know how much i love the banjo.

happy birthday, todd; i got you a new nickname!  todd 'the banjo' van voorst.  (todd vanjo voorst?)

he laughs at my jokes; he tells a few funny ones himself.  (quite a few, actually.  we spend a ton of time laughing.)  he listens to my rants and the reading-aloud of many articles regarding the things i care about.  he eats at panera with me, even though they have tiny portions.  he stays up late with me, whisper-talking so we don't wake up the baby, just so we can chat a little longer, and even if it's not about anything important.  he encourages me to grow deeper, grow better, and he offers me grace and patience when i fail.

he's my best friend.  i miss him when he's at work.  and not (always) in a mushy-gushy-get-a-room kind of way, but in that way that everything is made better when you get to share it with a friend. 

so happy birthday to my bestie.


todd said...

it is my birthday.

whenjeskasparks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN. bam. that's like three times. do i win a prize?

lauren said...

when I was a child, I had a todd barbie doll. he had fuzy hair and wore tank tops with acid wash jeans.

I love todd for so many reasons and some of those reasons are that he is nothing like my todd doll.

todd said...

your todd doll sounds like he should have been tazed.

Amanda Cushman said...

Aww, love this! Happy Birthday Todd Vanjo Voorst!

todd said...

thank you amanda cushmanjo!