i will pay you a dollar to dress up like the fox and send me a video of you doing the dance. that's a promise.  (thanks for the video, amanda!)

i will pay the guys in this video to never, ever invite me over to their frat house under pizza pretenses. (thanks for the video and the permanent mental scarring, jeska!)


whenjeskasparks said...

permanent mental scarring?! pshht. whatever. that pizza man was on point. he just chucked that pizza down and got right in there. and the best part was when they threw money at him.
if that's what mental scarring is then sign me up.

whenjeskasparks said...

plus, it's the only rendition of the video i like. the original annoys the crap outta me because they're dudes trying to be funny but they're absolutely not funny. they're like bad rip offs of flight of the conchords. if you want a good video, look up "jenny" by them. that's one of my favorites.

whenjeskasparks said...

commenting again because i can but also because i love in the pizza guy one how the first guy you see is already like "man, i immediately regret this decision" but it turned out more awesome than he could have ever thought.
and really...
i like that they had a whole thing planned out. like they expected it to last that long haha. good job men.

todd said...

i suspect the whole thing was staged.

bubble = burst

buzzkill, i know, but it seems perhaps like the pizza guy is a plant.

either way, i thumb up because i liked it.