the weekly wonder that is 'what's up.'

it's fall, y'all!!!!!  (that clever little one-liner courtesy of pinterest, which makes that sentence the paige van voorst trifecta: it involves autumn, talking like i'm from the south even though i'm a total poser, and stealing all my ideas off pinterest.  boom.  trifecta'd.)

oh lawdy how i love fall.  and to prove my undying devotion to the season, i started off the week with some kind of autumn-induced crafting-and-decorating seizure, which ended with my porch looking like this:

simple, but it involves a straw bale, so i'm happy with it.  though, i'm not going to even get started on how crappy the fake straw bales at walmart are.  there is hay EVERYWHERE. my porch. my entryway. my yard. my shoes.  kind of kills the fall spirit, until the fall spirit is all I'M IMMORTAL AND NO IRRATIONAL NUMBER OF HAY BITS CAN CONQUER MEEEE.

i've got a bit of a dilemma. i need one more chunk of mums to make my mailbox planter look less wonkadonk, but that means another trip to walmart with all the kids.  so wonkadonk mums it is!

I MADE THAT!!!  what's up now, pinterest?!

also, i decorated my kid for the fall and he's looking pretty dapper:

also, Aforementioned Kid has recently become my housekeeper, making him my favorite kid right now.  i joke, i joke.  but really, is there anything so beautiful as a toddler pulling his own weight?  and in an adorbs hoodie to boot?!  (yes, he's only wearing one sock.  it's how we do.)

and in other-kid news, laurelai started smiling this week! i'm entirely smitten, which is my poser-fancypants word for 'i'm literally melted in a puddle on the floor.'  the writing of this blog post was made more difficult and messy as a result, but totally worth it.

also, here's a photo of my biggest projects right now:

menu plan, sleeping child, the Giant Binder of All Things Van Voorst, and a dr. seuss anthology.  whoops, the seuss is purely for fun.  but the rest are my biggest projects right now.

i made bread.  the kids were impressed with my domestic prowess.  or really, with my stand mixer, but i like to think it's the same.

and finally, these kids are a gang of two.  they're besties.  also, they can't stand each other.  but mostly they're besties.

ignore the crazy housemess.  pleaseandthanks.

best. week. EVAH.


whenjeskasparks said...


Heather said...

man, i LOVE your front door. beautiful!

talk more about the van voorst binder. is this something you got from pinterest that i should be stealing?

todd said...

normally autumn kinds bums be out since it's the death knell of summer, but this time around, I've actually quite enjoyed it!

lauren said...




also, the couch caption reminds me of "Here's my binoculars.These are my night vision goggles. This is the book I pretend to read when I'm watching her in the park. And these are Mad Libs, they're just for fun."

those goofy kids!