the weekly what's up.

oh man.  after trick-or-treating with the kids yesterday, i'm zonked out.  plus, i'm half-depressed that it's already november.  which works out in your favor if you think i'm too wordy: i'm just going to let the photos do most of the talking today.
finn had his first haircut. he was a rockstar about it. also, he now looks entirely bald because his hair is so light and (now) so short.  more photos next week.

we took the kids trick-or-treating on main street.  my mom made their costumes, like she does every year.  this year they went as pumpkins with their ages on them.  the numbers of which just happen to 'spell' out 'pi.'  which makes them pumpkin pi.  (yep, we went with punny this year.)

none of the candy dispenser people 'got' the costumes and just thought they were numbered.  one guy told us a story of how, as a senior prank in high school, he and his friends numbered a bunch of animals but omitted one number, and let the animals loose in the school.  the people trying to round them all up at the end spent a bunch of time looking for the missing number.  another girl started singing some song about 'five little pumpkins sitting on a fence' or something, but penelope corrected her that we only have FOUR little pumpkins.

yaya and her punkins.

and lastly, laurelai turned two months old!  we are all deeply, madly in love.

and that was our week! rock on with your socks on.


whenjeskasparks said...

i still can't believe that i haven't snuggled her yet. and now i have to miss thanksgiving. we landed two years in a row there! i love my in-laws but i didn't sign up for this... ;)

todd said...

when you said, "deeply, madly" i half wondered if you were going to bust out into a savage garden song.

todd said...

so.many.pairs.of.glasses in our pictures!


what's the emoticon for smiling while wearing glasses?


i just made that up.
i like it.


or maybe that?