not looking our most glamorous.

the other night, we let the kids paint pumpkins as part of our annual tradition.  (todd and i have carved pumpkins together every year since even before we started dating.  this was our ninth year slicin' and dicin'.)

we bought each of the kids a pumpkin to paint.  the main point of this post is to explain why finneas' hardly has any paint on it:

yum-o.  he was more concerned with eating it than using it on his pumpkin.  so he was promptly fired from participation and banished to the far reaches of bedtime.

and unrelatedly, just because i like to keep it real, here's a lovely photo todd took of me, mid-yawn.  don't you wish we were besties?  i could embarrass you in all kinds of ways, especially if we took public transportation together.  what's better than riding the bus next to a freak show?  nothing.  absolutely nothing.

let's make a bus date, posthaste.

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todd said...

We should all go out in public more often.