shave and a haircut, two bits.

like i told you last week, finneas got his first haircut recently.  his hair really wasn't that long overall, but it was doing that sick growing-in thing where it gets all long over their ears and the back is all the same length.  it was grossing me out, so i, ahem, strongly suggested todd cut it.  he was on board, so cut it he did.

we weren't sure how it would go, considering that atticus - even at the age of nearly-five - still flips out as soon as todd turns the buzzer on.  he starts shaking and sweating and's kind of disastrous.  he's like a puppy with stage fright, all shaky and foamy.  so you can see why we were a bit worried.

but finn was unfazed.  he just played with some bath toys the entire time and acted like it was the most normal thing in the world to have bits of himself cut off.

see? not even afraid to hold the thing while it was on.

marveling at the clump of hair that had ended up on the floor.

he currently looks basically bald, but in a 'distinguished toddler' kind of way.  i'm content with that.


todd said...

we should let Finneas cut Atticus’ hair.

lauren said...

next time, you should let the top of his hair stay long. not in a mohawk kind of way but like a vintage baby undercut. he'd look super sophisticated:

paige said...

oh my word lauren, i love everything about that picture. finneas would totally rock that. he'd look like a vintage basketball coach. like the kind of basketball coach that would knit the two races together as a unified team. now that's the kind of haircut i can get behind.

todd said...