weekly what's up.

what is there to say this week?  a raccoon or something has been trying to get into our trash can. so far he's been unsuccessful.  does that count as a thing?

yesterday i posted my 1000th blog post! i had been planning to do some kind of giveaway - like a stand mixer or a really long link of smoked meats - but i didn't even realize it had happened until after the fact.  so no smoked meats for you guys.  sorry about that.  maybe i'll do something grand for post #2000.  or maybe i'll get a real blog header, with color and everything!, and start acting like i take this blog thing seriously.  then i can be all 'thanks for reading! i'll make it worth your while!' but i also don't have to figure out how to ship perishables.  or stand mixers.

whew.  what else happened this week?  i cleaned my basement.  i drank approximately six root beers and a glass of questionable milk.  i put a pair of tall boots in my virtual target shopping cart but have not actually purchased them yet.  it is a thrilling life i do lead.  but i don't say these things to make you jealous.

and here is the photo highlight of the week:

yep.  i have no idea what's up with that photo.  let's try again:
um...what? what is happening?  one more try...
um...again.  is this really what my life looks like?  wait, yes.  it is.
luckily for him, todd's life currently looks interesting and cuddly and covered in tulle:

the to the izz-end.


whenjeskasparks said...

aww! laurelai got a new picture on the sidebar! maybe it was there earlier, but this is the first time i'm on my computer instead of my phone. :) i still like all the pictures.

todd said...

Love the new sidebar pictures!
I’m praying for your trip to the eye Dr. today. May the only thing in common it has with the previous trip be that you survive it.