todd the baptist.

this weekend, at our church's baptism service, todd got to perform baptisms for the first time, including getting to baptize his good friend tim.  it was so awesome on a bunch of different levels!  i know he felt really privileged to get to be a part of such an important event in tim's life.

(the baptisms took place in the indoor pool at the middle school where our church meets. hence the lap markers and todd's rockin' hibiscus swim trunks.)  (also, he's growing out his beard for no-shave november, so he's looking a bit 'lead-singer-of-a-mars-hill-band.')  (also, no-shave november does not apply to the top of his head.)

congratulations, tim!


todd said...

I honestly can’t believe sometimes that God has allowed me access to such opportunities. What a joy to be invited in to the ministry and shepherding of His people.

YAYA said...


lauren said...

I love this.