guess who will be turning...

yesterday we threw an early birthday party for atticus (his birthday isn't until early december).  my grandma is visiting from south carolina, and since my parents and my sister were also going to be in town yesterday, we thought it would be a good time to celebrate.

i made googly-eyed, moustachioed cupcakes. the kids were fans.

then todd stuck staches on finn and penelope (atticus would not allow for such shenanigans on his face).  finneas hated it, but i love this photo! he looks like he's snobby and british and passing judgment on something subpar.

penelope, on the other hand, thought her candy moustache was hilarious and yelled, 'I AM A CUPCAKE!'

then atticus (meaning both atticus and penelope) opened his presents.

i love this last photo because penelope looks genuinely thrilled with that front loader, and atticus is rocking his new 'photo smile.'  not familiar with the 'photo smile?'  here; i'll provide another example:

creeped out much?  he's all like, 'happy birthday to me! i'm eating cheese and am also considering eating your face!'

but the best birthday present he got?  birthday kisses from his thick-as-thieves bestie:


todd said...

what a blessing our children are. i am routinely thankful to God for their presence in our lives. these are fun days. thank You God.

Heather said...

Oh my. I love this post and every photo in it!