weekly 'what's up.'

good friday, everyone! (well, not Good Friday, but, you know...happy friday.  good friday.)

last week i told you a raccoon or something had been trying to burgle our trash.  not only has he remained unsuccessful, he was also caught in the neighbors' live trap.  and also, that raccoon was an oppossum.  siccckkkk.  no soup for you, oppossum.  and by soup, i mean garbage.  obvs.

what else?  we had some chicago friends come stay with us over the weekend, which was super duper.

laurelai has started moving her bedtime back to a more reasonable time, which todd and i are grateful for.  she had been waiting to fall asleep for the night until 11:00 or 12:00, or even later.  this week she has adjusted back to falling asleep somewhere between 9:00 and 10:00.  the downside?  not only does she wake up two hours earlier in the morning now, but she's up more frequently through the night.  so we're (i'm) dealing (grumpily) with that.

i have gotten hooked on imported aged gouda.  i shake my fist at the new specialty cheese case at aldi.  but after i shake my fist at it, i give it a big smooch in the name of pure love.

todd is in the christmas production at our church, and i'm helping with some of the behind-the-scenes stuff.  i can't reveal too much, but i will tell you that todd will have a (fake) bald pate, it will be hilarious, and also this happened in preparation:

intrigued yet?

we lived with our pastor and his family over the summer, during which time we all got to be great friends, and the kids have a special fondness in their hearts for paul.  when the following coloring sheets were leftover from our recent college ministry retreat, the kids lost no time in coloring paul's face in all its beatific glory, as seen in their minds' eye:

stunning.  just stunning.

and, randomly, just for anyone wondering how our kids get their fix of yo gabba gabba when we don't have a tv, here's a visual of our podunk solution:

and, as always, we've had our fair share of tantrums in the van voorst house.  also, the kids have gotten upset over some stuff.  when penelope was told she could not have ice cream, she, well...

...she laid on the floor in her saggy-crotch tights and covered her head with her blankie.  oh, the humanity!

and i have no idea what finn was ticked about here, but it was apparently pretty bad:

and, on that cheerful note, bring on the new week!


Amanda Cushman said...

Favorite. Post. Ever.

todd said...

Finneas is as good as pouting as Penelope is bad at receiving news that there will, in fact, be NO ice cream.

whenjeskasparks said...

"tiny warrior, what's wrong?"
bahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaaha (still laughing, done typing.)