weekly whaty uppy.

last friday night, todd and i went on our first date since we moved here in may.  (it was obviously long overdue, considering we'd adamantly tell any other married couple that they need to prioritize a weekly date night, no excuses allowed.)  we went out for sushi and only had laurelai with us.  it was glorious.  it made me want a million more date nights in a row.  is that a good thing or a bad thing?
over the weekend, todd's parents came to visit, which the kids adored.  (who am i kidding? we all loved it.)  we don't get to see them super often, so it's always a treat when we do.

they took the kids to target to each pick out a toy.  finneas got a stuffed alligator wearing a polo and golf pants.  he named him wesley and hearts him with all himself.  atticus picked out a bobcat skid steer.  and penelope got her very first barbie doll, which she keeps mistakenly calling a 'sally' doll or, alternatingly, her 'bybie' that she got from 'tyget.'  (finneas ran off with it once - he absolutely LOVES it - and she ran after him screaming, 'give it back!! it's MY bybie! i got it from TYGET!')

monday night, we finally got around to carving/painting pumpkins.  life has been just absolutely nutso around here lately, so we hadn't had time to do it closer to todd's birthday like i would have liked, but better late than never, right?

every year, we roast the pumpkin seeds and gorge ourselves on them until we can't stand to even look at another one.  we're basically repulsed by them for about 364 days after that, but then we quickly forget our disgust and do it all over again.  it works for us. 
this beautiful thing had her two-month appointment, where i was told that she is 'a very proportionate baby.'  25th percentile across all categories.  that's what i call a win in the van voorst house.  i like to call her chunkalunk, which i'm sure she's going to love once she understands english.

on wednesday, the kids and i headed up to visit todd at work over the lunch hour.  we sat in the van and had a podunk, seatbelted picnic.  it was awesome.

we spent the rest of the week hanging out with friends, feeding and mentoring college students, and getting to know a few more church families.  our life is absolutely cray right now, but a good cray.  a full cray.


todd said...

I love our life.

lauren said...

this sounds like the best week. also, finn can talk and knows the name wesley? so much has happened.