switched at birth.

a while ago, we posted a big old announcement on here that our baby's name was going to be 'lauren schaeffer.'  and then we were all, 'backsies,' and started reconsidering.  (what can i say?  i guess our daughter's tendency toward indecision comes honestly.)

it just never felt right.  we weren't super excited about it, specifically about calling her 'schaeffer' and calling her by her middle name rather than by her first name.  i didn't feel totally comfortable calling her by that name, and todd never felt totally excited sharing it with other people.  which kind of tipped us off that it wasn't right.

so i went into labor without having a definite name picked out, and no clear challenger to the current title.  we had her on thursday, went back to the drawing board through friday, and by saturday morning we still were undecided.

it was completely unlike us.

signing her name on the dotted line for her birth certificate

we signed her birth certificate paperwork around 1:30 p.m.  we were discharged from the hospital around 2:30 p.m.  we cut it that close to the wire, but we're excited about the name we finally came to:

laurelai rush van voorst.

my main priority was picking a name that honored my sister, lauren.  we also wanted a first name that she would actually go by.  hence, laurelai.  (i call her 'lulu.')  my first name was going to be 'rush' had i been a boy (a maternal family surname), so rush is kind of in reference to yours truly.  and my great-grandmother, who passed away while i was pregnant, was named laura elaine rush - i probably don't have to connect those dots for you.

so there you have it.  baby laurelai.  baby lulu.  sister poop-pants.

(for those wondering, the kids are still getting used to the name change.  when we introduced them to her, atticus asked, 'but where's schaeffer?'  they still frequently call her schaeffer, but it's totally understandable and they'll settle in soon, i'm sure.)

we had to write this in ourselves - the line for her name had been blank during our whole stay.


Alana said...

Too gorgeous :)

whenjeskasparks said...

LOVE IT. seriously. i love love love that name. and love lulu! i'm so glad that it's all sorted out. i think my sister and bret will be down to the wire too...she's supposed to leave today and so far no progress (that i know of) on any name whatsoever. haha. i love that they're only three days apart!

todd said...

we make great babies!

Kathryn said...

Beautiful! It works out well that you could try her name out for a while before she was born. :) Can't wait to meet her sometime soon!