weekly harrumph.

before you even ask, i can tell you what we didn't do this week: sleep much.

like i said yesterday, the big kids are gone.  the littlest kid is definitely here and proud to make her presence known.  especially in the wee hours of the darktime.  especially for hours on end in the wee hours of the darktime.  blehhhh.  complaints, complaints.

oh well.  here's what we (meaning i) DID do:

. watch 10 Things I Hate About You and Empire Records.  both classic 90's teen movies, and both of which are incredible.  i feel like i may have been born 5-10 years too late - the teenage me belonged in the nineties.  too bad i was barely 13 when the nineties went kaput (a mere nine years old when Empire came out).  so i'm reliving them now that i'm old enough to appreciate them.  up next on the list: Clueless.  or Empire again.  that movie and i were MFEO.

. get pooped on.  multiple times.  (girlfriend likes to let it go al fresco, if you know what i mean.  her timing is impeccable.)

. snuggled my smells-like-delectable-baby-wash kiddo, uninterrupted, for what seems ages and ages.  it was wonderful.  mostly.

.  primed the window frames in the kids' room.  i was delusional enough to think that, if we had a smooth week, i could get the kids' room painted while they're gone.  after two coats of primer on the trim, i gave up.  not worth the failed effort and resulting stress and shame.  their room is still ramshackle and torn apart.

. weakly tried to drum up a tiny bit of effort on the 'year of the womanly arts' front.  not really for any reason other than i saw a photo of myself and realized how yucky my pearly-yellows have started looking since i've been fueling myself with coffee as much as i have.  i started adding baking soda to my toothpaste as i brush, and rinsing with peroxide.  four days in, i'm not sure it has made much difference on the color front, but my teeth do consistently feel much cleaner.  less gritty-and-simultaneously-slimy.  and what's more feminine than getting rid of mouth slime?  very little, that's what.

it was really a week of much sitting, much blog reading, much cuddling, many attempts to suppress the anxiety that comes with being forced into what seems like nonproductivity.  it was a week of little sleep, less cooking, and no appointments/plans.  it was good for me.  it was needed.  it was really, really hard.  and it makes me nervous to start next week, during which i will have all the kids, all day, all by myself.  yikes.


todd said...

i had to look up mfeo.
"made for each other."


laughing my made for each other off

of course.

whenjeskasparks said...

aw. i wish i could somehow help you next week with all the kiddos. like send you a bucket of popcorn and a stack of kids dvds and like an inflatable bounce house and an on-call nurse.

however, watching empire three times in a row also does a body good. don't forget orange county!