what's up.

more like, 'what's down.'  we laid lowwww this week, just cuddling our laurelai and trying to get our babytime nights and days figured out.

a few highlights:

my mom and the kids made a birthday cake for lulu and brought it to the hospital so we could all celebrate together.

we got to add a sticker kid to the back of the van.  yeah, we're van-sticker people, which we realize some people find obnoxious, but whatever.  we may be obnoxious, but we could probably outnumber you, which is all that counts in plenty of life applications.  v.v.'s are six strong and don't take crap from anybody.


laurelai had her newborn assessment.  she officially has no jaundice and is gaining weight at a good rate, the news of which garnered this well-deserved fist pump.  way to grow, girl.

and in news unrelated to the baby (in case those of you who are soul-less and hard of heart are sick of hearing about her), atticus is ready to crush you during football season... just a second.

my rug sheds a ton.  my vacuum dies every time i attempt to vacuum it (which needs to be done every couple of days).  is anyone surprised that pinterest came to my rescue with a random pin about using a squeegee to get pet hair out of the carpet?  this is todd's haul of wool-bits after a single squeegee session (after having done it only two or three days ago).  this rug is like a newborn: totally worth it but completely high maintenance.

and for a change of pace, here's a song from the album i've been listening to all week. (we even played it in the car on the way to the hospital and in our room throughout our stay).  completely, indescribably awesome.  makes me yearn for jesus.


YAYA said...

I see that Atticus was a first round draft pick.

todd said...

laurelai's first fist bump.

Our life in pictures said...

I love Laurelai's name and I think she may be the most perfect baby I've seen...AND now I want to get one of my own....but Jon says no :(