this week has been weird, i'm not going to lie.  todd spent friday and saturday at an elders' retreat, so i was flying solo with the kids.  we all ended up living through it, but not without much gnashing of teeth.

saturday night, finneas came down with some kind of barf-and-fever virus, though he ended up in relatively high spirits throughout the day, all things considered.

(he spent plenty of time sucking on his fingers and cuddling his blankie)

this one is still wonderful (and four weeks old as of yesterday!), and this week included multiple six-hour sleeping stretches at night!  as a result, i'm feeling as fresh as morning dew.

the thing that's taking the most adjusting to: all the kids needing to be in a constant four-foot-radius of yours truly.  considering i spend a significant amount of time on the couch nursing, rocking, reading board books, etc, our life has come to look like this most of the time:

(you will notice the couch holds nearly the whole family, a change of clothes for me, wipes, a dirty diaper that hasn't gotten trashed yet, books, and extra sleeping accoutrements, as well as children in various stages of undress.  we should be set for pretty much anything that befalls us.)

and that is (literally) what our week looked like.  how was yours?


todd said...

1 woman, 4 children, 1 couch and a brand new word for me: accoutrements.

Well play Mrs. Van Voorst.

todd said...

or played.
but you can well play if you like too.

whenjeskasparks said...

finn and i are destined to be good friends. i loved my blankie and sucked my fingers too. (holla to the third borns!)

i love that last picture though. i think it captures the chaos and the awesomeness of a small family. i dig it.

todd said...

penelope is looking rather back pack-tastic!

Anonymous said...

I totally thought you said "mountain dew" instead of "morning dew."

paige said...


what would it mean to be a fresh at mt. dew?

how fresh is mt. dew?

either really fresh because it never goes bad in the can


not at all because it cannot go bad in a can.


todd said...

so i commented on this while logged into paige's email.


i'm as fresh as mt. dew apparently

Tori said...

Just getting caught up on your blog. The last picture makes me so happy because it reminds me of how my life used to be--so chaotic but sweet (and sticky) all at the same time :) Hang in there good mama.