thwr: it's time to supersize your tuesday.

wow, it's been a long time since i've written a 'that's how we roll' post, but lo, today is the day to break that sad cycle.  this post brought to you courtesy of mcdonald's.

todd: you should make chicken stock out of 'mighty wings' bones.  i bet people would pinterest that.


penelope (rubbing barbecue sauce all over her mouth): i'm putting on lipstick!

atticus (copying, by rubbing sweet and sour sauce all over his mouth): me too!

todd: no, atticus, sweet and sour sauce is lip gloss.  only barbecue sauce is lipstick.


penelope: how do they get the chicken in the chicken nuggets?


todd: you guys sure are affectionate on mcdonald's night.

me: it's probably all those crazy endorphins your brain releases when you eat mcdonald's.

todd:  you mean McDorphins.


and that's how we roll.


todd said...

Mmm… sweet and sour sauce. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on your hips.

YAYA said...

Nice job supersizing the photos!

todd said...

yeah, what's going on with blogger that the pictures are so big on the sidescroll and body of previous posts?