candeo's first official service.

yesterday was the first official service of candeo, the church we're helping to plant here in the cedar valley.  it was so surreal - everything we have been working for and looking forward to since december finally happened! not to say that we haven't had tons of awesome experiences in the meantime, with house church and connection group and church in the park, but we're here now.  we're a church with an official presence in the community. and that's so exciting.

we sold our house for this.  todd went through a job search and started all over at a new job for this.  we moved our family away from our friends and our awesome church back home.  we spent entirely too long hunting for a house, then we waited to close on it.  we lived in people's condos and basements while we waited, with a week's worth of underwear each and little more.  all to see this morning happen, and it has been entirely, completely worth it.  not a single regret. 

around 375 people came! it was amazing!

it was also laurelai's first ever church service, which made it all the more special.  and also meant that i didn't get to stay for any of it because she wanted to nurse basically the whole time.  oh well.

todd had to be at church really early, since he was teaching children's church, so it was my first morning with all the kids by myself (todd's been home this whole week), and it was my first attempt getting them all out the door and into the van.

we did pretty well, and other than the discovery that the big kids' car seats were all in todd's car and they would therefore have to ride to church illegally on the back seat, it wasn't super eventful.  i'm still working the kinks out of how to get them all loaded and unloaded, considering atticus is the only one who can buckle his own seatbelt, but we all arrived on time, which was an answer to prayer in and of itself.

it was only after church, when i was nursing laurelai, that i kept nearly blacking out, and i realized i hadn't eaten anything yet.  and considering a) i'm nursing and b) i've grown accustomed to eating an embarrassing amount of bacon for breakfast every morning since she was born, it would have been prudent of me to at least grab a fruit leather or something on my way out the door.  take-home lesson: if you don't want to pass out in an empty room while shirtless and holding a newborn baby your unconscious body could easily crush, eat breakfast.  that's not a scene you want anyone walking in on.  so always eat your breakfast.


Heather said...

This is so awesome. Awe-some. I have a friend whose family has been searching for a church in your area for like 4 years. I'm sending them your way.

todd said...

it was so cool to see it all come together. i'm so glad we said, "yes" to being sent.

paige said...

heather - that's great! i'll send you my number and you can pass it their way. if they ever want to meet up for church, that would be awesome!