one thing i love about having a baby is the sheer volume of automatic blog content.  the content of the day: photos of laurelai's first day home.  prepare yourselves for some reality-defying cuteness. 

her going-home outfit.  she loves it, obvs.

look at that beautiful girl in that beautiful, mold-free car seat.

wearing a hat from my own newborn days.

the kids were totally smitten.


nursing days, with millions and millions of hours logged in the sitting position, are when i get most of my reading done.  that's why we have so many kids - so that i can find time to read.  otherwise, i would be completely and unendingly ignorant.  a functioning illiterate, if you will.  hence, millions of kids all the time.

a vision of what my life is going to look like for a while.


Amanda Cushman said...

It's a beautiful life! Let me know when you are ready for visitors. :)

todd said...

laurelai may be our first kid that actually likes her carseat. wouldn't that be a nice change of pace?