yes, i'm just now showing you photos of this.

i realize laurelai's first bath happened like three weeks ago (wow, has it really been that long?!), but the process is still the same now as it was then, though she's less fresh-and-swollen looking at this point.  and who doesn't love looking at photos of newborns?  thus, i bring you: Laurelai's First Bath.

i bathe her in the sink, in an enamelware bowl that my 75-year-old father-in-law nostalgically calls 'the piss pot.'  i'll probably bathe her in the sink for a good long while, since our single bathroom is ITSY BITSY and there's no room to keep a baby tub in there.  hence, piss-pot-bath-time.  i can't complain; it's way easier to lean over the sink than the tub, so i actually bathe her as regularly as i should (as opposed to the other smelly monsters running around these parts).

(check out that paint swatch on the wall.  talk about hot stuff.  i'm SO EXCITED to paint the kitchen!)

the other up-side of bathing her in the sink is that i just use that little sprayer to rinse out her hair. 

(it's so crazy how different she looks already! you don't realize when they're fresh out of the oven how swollen they are for the first few days.)

i can't describe how much i love the photo above.  not even sure why.  i just do.



todd said...

what's the "jlkjlkj" at the bottom all about?

i, too, love the photo you earmarked as well.

whenjeskasparks said...

every time i get overwhelmed at the thought of being a parent, you some how always manage to indirectly convince me that i can do it. so, thanks for that. also, i love that picture as well. it's just so perfect for some reason.