only a year in the making.

last december, i was in major nesting mode before finneas came.  as in, i was meltingdown that the color of nearly every.single.wall. in our house was Smoker Teeth Yellow.  (because we all know that babies can't stand that color.)  that everything, as a result, looked brownbrownbrown and i HATE brown.  (except our bathroom, i guess.)  that we didn't even have a crib for finneas to sleep in, since the other two kids were both still sleeping in cribs.  (this is how we solved that.)  that we didn't have a nursery because the kids' cribs were in what was to become the nursery.

in order to support me and also shut me up, todd offered to help me paint one of our front upstairs bedrooms in preparation for the big kids to move in there so finneas could have the nursery.  finally, a year later, it is more than just painted and is basically complete.  considering that only the kitchen and downstairs bathroom are also 'finished' in my mind, that's a big accomplishment.

here's what it looked like last december 21st (so almost a year exactly):

yikes, right?! and here's what it looks like now:



and this dresser...: looks like this:

it's hard to see, but i wrapped the knobs in jute.

i was so desperate to get the room finished, i just dug around the house for stuff to put on top of the dresser, and came up with frames full of scrapbook paper and a cut-out children's book illustration.  don't tell the kids that Fish Is Fish is no longer.  so...Fish Isn't Fish, i guess.  but i got the book for twelve cents at a garage sale, so maybe i'll spring for a full-priced copy someday if my conscience gets the better of me.  (who am i kidding?  i'll never personally pay full price for a kids' book.) 

my mother-in-law's uncle made that little ship in the bottle.

lauren made these prints for the kids for christmas last year, and this bowl is the one made infamous in this post.  clearly, i freaked out over nothing since you can't even tell it's broken.

anyway.  it feels good to have it done, although the timing is ironic (and a little depressing), which i'll tell you about tomorrow.


todd said...

i am excited to see how you continue to make things beautiful as we march on: our kids, our home, our lives.

fill it it up with beauty.

Proverbs 24:3-4

3 By wisdom a house is built,
and by understanding it is established;
4 by knowledge the rooms are filled
with all precious and pleasant riches.

Jenni and Dan said...

That looks so good! I love it! I just might have to pin some ideas from it onto my pinterest.

todd said...

this is super pinteresting.