'what's up,' bi-weekly ed.

okay.  as you may have been able to tell, this has been a crazy couple of weeks for us.  so crazy, in fact, i didn't post an update last friday.  so this post will involve two weeks.  are you ready?

the kids and i made cinnamon applesauce ornaments, which the kids loved.  they've been carrying them around since, sniffing them.  i even caught penelope eating one the other day. 

the kids hung their ornaments on the tree, which went more smoothly than last year since a) they're older, and b) i spent all of naptime sorting them into piles by owner, and pre-hooking each of them.  no frantic attempts to get hooks on them quicker than our coked-out kids this year.  other than the fact that the very first ornament penelope tried to hang ended up shattered on the floor, it all went well.

we traveled up to northwest iowa for todd's brother's funeral.

we announced that we're moving.

i've been frantically trying to get the house in order to put on the market next month.  i've spent the last week and half scraping wallpaper glue off our bedroom walls so that i can paint them and they can stop looking like this.  then we will have some hope of actually selling our house to anyone other than the directors of SAW.  please don't judge me for how long it has taken me to get around to this, or for the fact that i'm only doing it to sell the house and would have otherwise lived with it for an indeterminate amount of time.

on sunday, we moved finneas to a bottle.  he'd started biting, and his diapers hadn't been as wet, so i suspected he was getting too little to eat.  so i've been adding a few teaspoons of coconut oil to each of his bottles, and not only has he seemed happier, but he's starting to fill out and even go longer stretches through the night.  the only sad part was that, with everything else going on, i didn't even think about the fact that we're done nursing.  that's really sad in and of itself, and it's even sadder that i didn't take any time to grieve it.  but we're both doing well with the transition, so that's good.

monday night, we had made dinner plans with friends whose daughter ended up getting sick, so since i had not planned on cooking, i just popped a huge bowl of popcorn and set out apples and chocolate chips and walnuts and we all ate on the couch and watched elf.  it was magical.

tuesday night, my grandfather passed away.

wednesday night, in celebration of the first big snow of the year, we went out to eat and then drove around looking at the christmas lights.  while at the restaurant, the assistant manager took a liking to our kids and bought them each a little treasure out of the toy vending machines.  atticus ended up with a holographic sticker with the image of a racecar being protected by a guardian angel dragon.  penelope got this:

a bit unnerving, all things considered, but the guy couldn't control which toy came out of the machine, and it was a sweet gesture. 

yesterday, todd's office was closed due to weather, so we stayed at home and played in the snow.

which quickly devolved into this:

so we bribed everyone with some hot chocolate (or, hot candy, as penelope calls it) so they'd come in and stop crying.  atticus only cried harder once inside.  i'm not sure why. 

and those were our crazy weeks.  how are you guys doing with christmas coming up so quickly?


todd said...

i love reading about our lives in retrospect. thanks for documenting the days of our lives. i look forward to reading these some cozy winter day in the future with you and crying, laughing, smiling, thanking God, and loving Jesus for all He has been so kind to do for us in these years of our lives.

Jenni and Dan said...

so funny... I had to bribe Kaiden with some hot chocolate too, to come inside from playing in the snow.