these are a few of my unfavorite things.

here is an update on things i am morally opposed to.

1.  hand soap that smells like coffee.

2.  bold comic sans on anything official.  or anything unofficial.

3.  rolls of toilet paper that are facing the wrong way (the flap should go over, not under, people.  were you raised in a barn?!)

4. chocolate and orange flavors together.

5.  people who call you out when you're picking your nose with your thumb.  (you're supposed to pretend you think i'm just itching the inside of my nose.)

6.  microfleece blankets.

7.  people who say 'nucular' instead of 'nuclear.'

8.  burps that smell like food.

9.  limoges eggs and, in general, any home decor made of porcelain.

10.  christmas gifts sprinkled with a heavy coating of cigarette ashes.


whenjeskasparks said...

bottom ten!

Sarah said...

re: #3
The question is, when you are at other people's houses and you notice this atrocity do you fix it? It is a moral dilemma to me so I am always on the hunt for what other people who hate the TP being wrong. :)

Amanda Cushman said...

#3 Makes me giggle! My husband was complaining to me one day about how I put the toilet paper on the "wrong way". I had never heard such a thing! :)

paige said...

@sarah, i typically just leave it. you know, give them grace. and also i say a prayer for their soul before i leave the bathroom.

todd said...

#4 - could not agree more. although i'm also on team "no chocolate and mint" as well which i know you do not condone.