finneas at nine months.

finn turned nine months last week.  he is now fully gestated twice over.


length: 28 inches (33rd percentile)
weight: 16.0 pounds (first percentile)

still tiny.  i admit i weighed him three different days, hoping to see some growth.  the first two days, he still weighed 15.6 lb, which is what he's weighed for a while.  then the third time, he weighed 16 pounds, so we're going with that.  cheating?  maybe a little.  but he's still in 3-6 month clothes, so i need a little encouragement that he's growing.  but i'm hoping soon (as in, sometime before christmas maybe) he'll move up to the next size, since he's gained a bunch of length (1.5 inches over the last month!).

what is there to say about him?  he's precious.  he loves waving and smiling, and has said 'mama' a few times.  he's all-out crawling, and likes sitting up on his knees to play.  he loves playing with the big kids' toys, and the big kids hate it when he does.  he got his eighth tooth this month.

he's in a bit of a clingy stage right now, where he just wants to be held whenever he's awake, which is a bit challenging, but also sweet in some ways.  there's a little part of my heart that melts when he just crawls laps around the island, whining, trying to keep up with me as i'm cooking.  (but the part of my heart that hates tripping over kids and listening to whining stays hard as stone and cold as ice.)

he's in that stage where he gets up to sitting in the middle of the night, but can't figure out how to lay back down, so then he just cries until he conks out or someone comes to help him.  we'll probably have to lower his mattress soon so he doesn't learn how to vault over the side in the middle of the night.

he no longer spits up very often.  (he's been a really spitty baby.)

he has figured out that the rug under the dining room is a veritable feast of crusty pretzel bits, dried cheese, and old almonds.  whenever he stops whining because he's not being held, i know it's because he's found something only barely edible and i should come mouth-sweep him.

nursing is still going well, and i'm praying that i can make it a full year for the first time.

he loves music, and gets really quiet to hear people singing.  after a while, he'll start singing along.

he is by far my cuddliest baby, and will even still immediately lay his head on my shoulder and start sucking his fingers whenever his bed is in sight.

he's almost sleeping through the night again.  after a couple months of feeding him two or three times a night, we finally let him cry it out for a couple of nights, and now most nights he'll sleep until 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning after taking a 10 pm feeding.

we took him to the eye doctor the other day because we've noticed his left eye turning in the way the other kids' have done.  he will need to get glasses in march, if not before then if his eye-turn gets worse.  we apparently produce children with very large, very beautiful, and very ineffective eyes.

i love this precious one, and would be perfectly happy to have as much of him as possible to snuggle. (meaning, if he decides to bulk up at any point, i'd be okay with it.)

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whenjeskasparks said...

le sigh. i miss his smile and laugh and most of all, his delightfully delicious baby smell. i am apparently suffering from baby fever so badly that i had to turn dumbo off last night because it was making me baby-sad. (but i'm going with the excuse that it was late.)