in memory.

my grandpa passed away, somewhat suddenly, on tuesday night.  it's been a rough couple of days.

he came out from south carolina last summer to help us get settled into our current house.  it was the first time he had met the kids, and penelope stole his heart, which is why every.single.picture we have of him from that week also includes her.  she probably could have asked him for a fully-funded college education and he would've been all, sure no probz.  now that i think about it, i wonder why she didn't...

that visit is probably among my favorite memories of him.  that, and this one time that he was visiting us at my mom's, and i had recently become a christian.  he went to drive our car for some reason, and i had some crazy christian music cd BLARING and about gave him a heart attack when he turned the ignition.  he came bolting into the house, asked me to please turn the radio down so he could get in and actually drive, and then he paid me ten bucks for being a christian and told me not to tell lauren.  (about the cash, not the conversion.)  i still laugh out loud about that.


todd said...

that was a really fun visit and a really good memory.

The Crislers said...

Gracious sakes, you guys have had a tumultuous couple weeks. I love that last photo, and hope it brings you some comfort eventually. I am seriously praying for you guys (as opposed to just praying, which doesn't count as much).