it wasn't official until we partied it out.

like i mentioned last week, atticus' birthday was on wednesday, so on saturday, we had a party for him.  we began the morning by baking his cake, which the kids really enjoyed.  mostly for this reason: 

the end product: 

the party had a loose construction theme (meaning, this was the cake, the kids wore construction hats, and we used caution tape instead of streamers.  and that's the extent to which paige van voorst throws theme parties.)

the idea for the cake was todd's; the execution was mine.

just like penelope had a special chair to sit in at her birthday party, we also rigged one for atticus (and a bilingual one at that).

we got some hand-me-down toy tools from his cousin, so we just purchased a vintage toy tool box off of etsy and put the tools inside.

penelope did a great job of waiting her turn to open a few gifts of her own.

after opening gifts, we ordered pizza and then did cake and ice cream.  the cake was a hit.

and that was the celebration for atticus' fourth birthday.  i forgot to take down the streamers and balloons overnight, and yesterday when he realized everything was still decorated, he was all, why is my birthday still here? it was a little sad to have to break the news to him that it was simply laziness on my part and it was, anticlimactically, just a regular sunday.

(go here to see atticus' first birthday, second birthday, and third birthday.)


todd said...

thank you for all the hard work you did in putting this together. i know you don't feel like it was as much as some of your pinterest peers may do, but they aren't as cute or as cool as you are to me.

whenjeskasparks said...

it turned out great! i love the cake. good work on keeping it simple without sacrificing on the awesome.

Our life in pictures said...

He told me all about the digger at guess you'd have to say it was a HIT! Kids are so easy to please....we're the ones that are hard on ourselves :)