party like it's 1999 (and the weirdest thing is, my kids will never know what that means. not that i really do, either.)

this last weekend we celebrated penelope's birthday with a little family gathering on mother's day.

a couple months back, todd's mom sent me a bunch of fresh lemons from their home in arizona, and i juiced them, made lemonade, and froze it, with plans to host a 'lemonade and cupcake' - themed party.  (actually, i planned to do a lemonade-themed party, but then found some cupcake-themed invitations on clearance after valentines day, so the idea expanded.  you will see through this post that the idea then further expanded to be 'lemonade, cupcake, and garage sale junk'-themed.)

so we did a lemonade bar, complete with lemonade and mix-ins, topped off with ball jar glasses:

i LOVE peony season.

the mix-ins i chose were food-processor'd strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, along with mint and basil leaves.  served in my great-grandma's wedding crystal from the '40s.  hiding my nasty fish tank in the corner.

and the cupcakes that made the theme the actual theme...i'm lucky i found those little cupcake wrapper things (also on clearance after valentine's day), because the cupcakes i made were HOMELY, to put it nicely (downright fugly to put it not-so-nicely).  served on garage sale plates and a weird little plate-rack-stand-thing that i also found at a garage sale for a dollar.

here's the whole food spread.  like with atticus' party, i just served up sandwiches and chips for lunch and called it a party.

when asked if being two meant that she was now a girl or a woman, penelope replied she is now a chicken.

while i would not fault you for thinking you're witnessing her falling into a sugar coma, what you are really seeing is her giving her cupcake kisses.  this is shortly before she nearly choked to death while trying to consume this cupcake with the wrapper still on.

i told atticus he had to finish part of his sandwich before he could have a cupcake.  result?  half a sandwich devoured in a single bite.

a view of the party via piggycam.

i let penelope open her presents in this gorgeous chair that i bought as a present to myself a couple weeks ago at a garage sale.  SEVEN DOLLARS, PEOPLE.  SEVEN DOLLARS!  that garage sale lady got had.

a few weeks ago, the following conversation ensued between me and atticus:

A: i gonna get lots of presents at the birthday party, mama?
P: no, this is penelope's party.  you had your birthday party already, and now it's our turn to celebrate penelope's birthday.
A: she gonna share her presents with me?
P: yes, she'll share her presents with you.
A: hey sis, do you want a scooper truck toy present?

conniving little guy.  but while he doesn't look thrilled in the photo above to not be the one to get to open presents, he did a great job letting penelope be the center of attention for the afternoon.  probably because he got plenty of hugs and attention from his awesome aunt lauren:

what's that disgusting tumor of a food item, you ask?  well, i thought it would be cute to make penelope her own little cake with leftover cupcake batter and frosting.  but the frosting wouldn't spread and the cake was all the idea got scrapped, but only after i was halfway through making it.  looks delicious, right?

i clearly gave up halfway through frosting it.

it was a wonderful day and so much fun to throw a girly party!! 


todd said...

I love the pictures. You did a great job and I'm excited that Sissy has such good memories to look forward to in looking back someday.

Jenni and Dan said...

You're like one of those superhero moms that create super cute, themed parties... Go Paige! I wish I could be like you. Oh, and cute haircut.