weekly 'what's up.'

i'm noticing that as the weather gets colder and, resultingly, we're doing less, these friday posts are getting more and more boring.  lo siento, but that's how it goes.  i'll try to spice this one up.

over the weekend, my mom took the big kids, and todd, finneas and i went up to visit todd's parents and his brother, who is battling cancer and is in our prayers.  it was a sweet time of getting to know him better, reminiscing and praying for him.

this week i've gotten to spend a lot of time with friends, which means the kids have gotten to spend a lot of time with friends, which means we've spent a lot of time calming meltdowns and explaining that our toys are given to us by god for us to enjoy and to share with others.  a simultaneously good and hard week (but isn't that how most weeks are?).

atticus' birthday was on wednesday.  while we'll have a small family party tomorrow as our main celebration, i did let him pick out our meals for wednesday.  we started the day with cinnamon rolls, which means by lunchtime we were all experiencing a major sugar crash.  great weeping and gnashing of teeth ensued.  and that's the last time i'm letting a preschooler make defining nutritional choices in our house.

atticus had a few four-year-old photos taken:

and then penelope got in on the action:

i had planned to share with you my recipe for make-ahead baked oatmeal, which the kids love, so i wanted to take some photos of it.  (because who doesn't love a good food photo with a recipe?)  unfortunately, i forgot to take the photo before the kids demolished it, and it ended up looking like half-eaten-barf-in-a-pan-with-a-spoon. 


(but, in the case that i do end up sharing my recipe, i promise it tastes way better than half-eaten-barf-in-a-pan-with-a-spoon, and that coming from someone who typically hates oatmeal with the fury of a thousand red-hot suns.  it's good enough to make me a convert, so that means it's good.)

and last but not least, finneas turned nine months old yesterday.  he is 282 days old.  my pregnancy was 283 days long.  he is pretty close to having lived longer outside myself than inside.  it's crazy that he has to be so big before he reaches that milestone!  but here we are, with a twice-gestated (or something) human on our hands.  i'll post pictures and stats next week.

so that was our week.  any plans for the weekend?

(and happy birthday to kristy, who has an atticus of her own and reads books and is therefore very dear to my heart.)

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todd said...

i have never wanted half-eaten-barf-in-a-pan-with-a-spoon more in my life than right now!