so, here's some news.

if you haven't already heard, we're moving.

like, away.

long story short, about two weeks ago we were asked by paul sabino to help him plant a church in cedar falls.  a week ago, we said yes.  (actually, now that i relay it, i see it was a pretty short story to begin with.)

so, we'll be moving to cedar falls.  i don't know when.  we're hoping to get our house on the market sometime in january, and todd is looking for something to do once we get there - although stay-at-home dadding has become a fad, somebody has to man up and bring home the bacon or we will all starve to death.  so to avoid that, he's looking for a job.

and what do i think of all this?  i have days where i'm really excited to go.  i have other days where i'm totally overwhelmed by the to-do list and tasks to be accomplished in order to get there.  (and believe me, the list is loooong and giving yourself four weeks to get the house sellable when you also have three kids to keep alive is surprisingly difficult.)  and i have yet other days where i grieve the loss of the family we've become a part of here. 

not to mention, i finally have my grocery routine worked out:  i have an egg guy and a honey guy and a grocery order drop-off once a month and i know when our co-op runs deals and i know at which stores everything will be cheapest.  i love that 80-year-old Junior always carries my groceries out at fareway.  i ask the aldi guy how his wife and four sons are doing.  AND WHAT IF CF DOESN'T HAVE AN ALDI?!  oh, i don't even want to consider that possibility; it makes me want to hurl.  yes, hurl.

anyway, yeah.  we had planned to stay here.  we bought a beautiful, 'forever' home that we're going to have to leave behind.  we had committed to co-lead a connection group this spring, and we're leaving our other co-leader to fend for himself.  my sister lives here and i have a hard time imagining living without her.  we have great friends.  we love our church.  i will cry when i have to break the news to my 90-year-old widow-lady neighbor.  there's a lot about this move that is going to bite the big one.

but there's also this feeling of peace that we're doing what god would have us do.  it's the right decision for us, and we both know it deeply.  it costs us something, but we know that obedience in following god is always worth the cost.

i'll probably talk about the move more and more in the coming weeks/months, but that's all i'm able to say for now.  it's a pretty emotional thing, and it's still quite new, and i'm working on wrapping my head around it.  but if you have any questions, i'd be happy to answer them.

in the meantime, anyone have any leads on a job?  anyone have some well-intentioned and wealthy distant relative that has been waiting for a good opportunity to shower cash on total strangers?  anyone?


whenjeskasparks said...

i am so sad. but i am also so happy that you are choosing to be obedient to God's call on your family. i hope the few extra hours doesn't make you too far out of reach for me. thanksgiving is pretty much tradition, now. :)

Farmgirl Chaos said...

You guys will do some great work for the kingdom!

And just to ease one stress....there is an Aldi in CF! Off University, across from the College Square Mall, near Famous Dave's. BONUS! And it's a nice one too. I've been there many times when I'm back at the family farm. :)

God bless!

Allison said...

That is crazy! Crazy awesome and crazy sad, but so cool that God is calling you into something so awesome! We haven't even had you over for dinner yet! Well we will just have to set up a time to see you before you leave!

Have you considered renting out your house? Maybe that wouldn't be feasible for you since you are probably needing to find a new place to live, but we are looking for a place to rent so if that was something you were considering then we can chat!

Anonymous said...

That is crazy and awesome!!!!!

And Jesus' calling to spread the Gospel to the nations is ever so needed in the country we live!

Tori said...

This makes me so sad. And even though I don't see you very much anymore, I still think you are super cool and I will miss you. But part of it makes me excited too, because Brent and I helped start a church when we were about your ages and it has probably been the best thing we ever did for our family. And then we sent our oldest off to help start Veritas. Wonder what God has up for you guys? Whatever it is, you are in for a great trip with Him. Jump in with both feet! Love you guys!

Rhonda said...

I'm happy for you, Please keep up your blog so I'll know how everyone is and lots of pictures of the kids!!! I love you all!!

Our life in pictures said...

Ahhh...sad and excited for you guys! I can't wait to see what your next chapter in life is! And how fun to be able to see God leading you guys with a great group of people! I love road trips!!!!!

BenDani Dau said...

Yay! Yay, Yay, Yay!

There is al ALDI and a co-op is in the works. Plus, it is closer to the Dau House of homesteading fame. Well, homesteading desire.

What kind of work is Todd looking for ideally? You can message me on Facebook if you'd like. I have connections...

todd said...

i am so excited for the people of CFW to meet you. they have no idea how blessed they are about to be. you are an amazing wife and i love you for being so supportive of our family's pursuit of what God would have for us.