when does 2 x 5 = 50?

when you're playing yahtzee with me, cracker.

when i tell you that the 'v' in van voorst stands for 'victory' (and the other 'v' stands for venom, but that's a story for another day), i'm not joking.  if you find yourself in the v.v. (victorious venom) household on game night, be afraid.  be very afraid.

you are witnessing firsthand (via my camera a week later) my VERY FIRST yahtzee.  ever.  in the history of my life.

i think you can tell that the shock of winning a yahtzee dropped my IQ for a second.

shortly after i got a yahtzee, todd also got a yahtzee.

not to be outdone, i got yet another yahtzee.  this time, it was snake eyes.  times two and a half.

but before it could be documented, i may have been all like, if we're going to keep playing yahtzee, i should probably put on some makeup. so at 10:00 at night, i did my makeup and took down my hair.  all for the sake of this blog and you people.  you're welcome.

also, i put a lot of effort into not laughing during this picture and effectively knocking over my whole stacka snake eyes.  because snake eyes have no tolerance for humor.

anyone feel like courting lady luck and playing yahtzee at our house? because i can't guarantee i won't kick your loser tooter.  (although i can't guarantee i will either, considering it has taken me almost 25 years to get my first yahtzee.)

was this my early birthday present, god? because it was AWESOME.  thanks.

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