ahhh, thursday.

we've had a really weird, busy week.  lots of mornings out.  went to trader joe's yesterday with lauren, which made it all worth it, but still.  weird week.

so this morning, i opted to stay home from bible study so the kids could have at least one normal morning this week (tomorrow is set to be strange as well).  you know, relax.  hang out. enjoy each others' company.

it is 9:15.  i have declared a 'pajama day on purpose.'  i have not brushed my teeth yet.  the kids have been up for an hour and i have changed five diapers.  five.  three of which were poopy, one of which was in a cloth diaper.  so there was that.  the littlest kid is down for nap early because she was having a meltdown.

and all i can think is, if i had chosen to go to bible study someone else would've had to change those poopy diapers.  there's a reason i paid for a semester of childcare and i should have taken advantage.  not to be a butthole or anything.

well, i should probably go change into clean pajamas since these ones are currently covered with formula.

such is life.

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lauren said...

trader joes was definitely worth it. the nsync party on the way home was worth it.

c'est la vie to the rest of it. poop happens but thankfully so do sister trips to des moines!

two words: garage sales

now that's something to look forward to.