'post from the past' tuesday.

this week is spring break week.  so this spring chicken is taking a break.  just going to, you know, chillax.  in the meantime, i figured i'd re-post some silly 'posts from the past.' (do i sound like a radio dj?)

moving on up to the SOUTH side...

actually, instead of 'moving on up', we're really 'renewing our lease here in the south our two bedroom apartment on the first floor.' not as catchy as the original themesong, but other than that, pretty much the same situation the jeffersons found themselves in. i'm a backtalking, wisecracking, no-nonsense black wife and todd, though tiny in stature, owns a lucrative dry cleaning business.
(seriously, how disproportionate are the jeffersons?)

(plus, our managers strongly remind me of the bunkers, minus the fact that mrs. manager doesn't have any front teeth and likes to use the f-word.)

yes, we are staying in our apartment for another year, and i'm really excited actually. i really like our apartment and i've been doing some repainting and redecorating (i like to call it 'baby-stuff chic') so it has the feeling of being a fresh, albeit cluttered, space without having to actually move....which i DREAD having to do one day.

however, there are a few drawbacks. a while ago we switched the bedrooms (more on that later) and as i pulled our guest bed away from the wall by the window, i realized that our window had been leaking for quite some time and mold had begun to grow in the wall. mmmmm. (please come sleep at our house.)
so the manager took a look at our windows, determined they all were leaking and poorly installed - to the point that 'at some point, gravity will probably just pull them right out of the wall. if i pushed on them right now, they'd pop right out.' cool.

so there was talk about us getting new windows over the winter, but apparently they're waiting until spring to replace them (which wasn't thrilling news, but considering we don't pay for our heat, i wasn't too worked up about it). so we had leaky windows all winter, which would have been a bummer except....

the furnace guy came a week or two ago and discovered that our furnace had been leaking carbon monoxide. why didn't our detectors warn us? because our leaky windows let in enough fresh air to neutralize the carbon monoxide in the air. sigh of relief.

what i've learned in this situation: if you're going to have a ghetto apartment, make sure it's REALLY ghetto so that the bad stuff can neutralize the other bad stuff...

that's how to get a deluxe apartment on a single income. BOOM! ROASTED!

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