purge it like it's hooooottt, purge it like it's hoooooottt.

i am a purger.  (i am also a perjurer, but that's not what we're talking about today.)  i am a purger of things, a get-ridder, a be-gone-with-thee-er.  and it works out in my favor, considering we live in an apartment with two kids.  we have no room for sentimentality, so most stuff that we don't use regularly, or realistically will use in the next few years, gets the boot.

i really am merciless.  i would rather get rid of something and pay the extra money later to replace it if we need it than to spend the extra storage space and mental energy keeping track of the thing for the however-many-years it will be before we actually use it.  so i would feel confident in saying that we probably purge at a faster rate than we accumulate.  which means that, other than kids' clothing (which is accumulating out of necessity) and craft supplies/home decor (which is less necessary, but i'm okay with it), our possessions are shrinking in number.

hello, landline-phone-we-won't-use-for-a-while.  you are finding a new home in the garage sale pile.  when we need a landline phone, we will buy a new one, maybe even at someone else's garage sale.  hello, tiny-kids-clothes-that-are-so-cute-but-you-never-actually-got-worn.  you will not be going back in the bin for the next kiddo, because let's be realistic, if you weren't worn this time around, you probably won't be worn next time either.

see how this works? talk to your stuff like it can hear you, then throw it in the trash or make some sweet moolah off of it.

the other day i got serious about cleaning out my clothing.  i don't have a ton of clothing to begin with (not really due to preference as much as to the reality that i don't look like katie holmes, so why even try?), but i got all no-nonsense and got rid of a full THIRD of all the items hanging in my closet.  and that is not an exaggeration.

i realized that even though i didn't have much, i still had a lot of stuff i was hanging onto but wasn't actually wearing on a regular basis.

some of the stuff i hang onto because what if one day the queen comes and she really likes shirts from the nineth grade that make me look good in fall lighting that go with my hair when i dye it red-brown and make me look skinnier but only after christmas? what if i purged it and so i can't wear it for the queen? what THEN?!

some stuff i hang onto because it's too trashed-out to make any money off of it, but not so trashed-out that i'd be okay just throwing it away or giving it to goodwill or making some kind of handmade rug out of it.  (or some other crazy thing i'd do with it.)  i might wear it.

so preparing for this move is actually going to be really good for me, i think.  i'm going to be even more severe than normal in my purging because i don't want to pack, and move, and find a new home for easily-replaced things i might use.  maybe. someday.

so screw you might.  i do what i want.  and i will not be held in bondage to the word might any more.

i am purge (i mean, paige). hear me roar.  then watch me throw stuff in the trash.

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Saved by grace said...

Can I say we must be twins? Well, at least when it comes to purging things. If we don't use it or love it, it is gone. The only things we keep around are baby things (swings, bouncers, strollers, clothes) that were used and can be used again and one small box each of sentimental things from over the years.