so, while atticus won't touch chicken (even chicken nuggets) and most veggies, i've figured out that he LOVES red meat.  burgers, steak.  you know.  and while he doesn't eat potatoes in most cases, he WILL eat them when paired with steak.

and guess who else loves steak and potatoes? yep, the sis.

here she is eating yogurt:

guess what else she loves? split pea soup.  chili.  salmon tacos.

yeah.  i think the fact that i waited so long to give her 'big kid food' means that she'll take whatever she can get.  so now we're just moving to feeding her whatever dinner we're having (within reason, of course.  no eggs or nuts or fake stuff, obviously.) 

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Dylana Suarez said...

Aw, this is so lovely!