thwr: how paige could've been a successful one-hit wonder.

todd: day-o. oh, daaaaayyy-o.

paige: i never told you this, but i used to be one of the day-o guys.  but then i chose to step down from the band because i felt it was taking me away from my family too much.

todd: crickets chirping because he has no sense of humor.

paige: so every time you come home and you see my smiling face, you better be grateful that i have my priorities in line and didn't value fame over you.

todd: how thoughtful.  i am definitely grateful.

paige: here's my reasoning: i am only one day-o guy, but if i stay home and raise up lots of little day-o guys... well, then there will be even more day-o guys than just one.  that's all i'm saying.

todd: still no sense of humor.  also just wants to go to bed.  also thinks paige is sleep drunk.  and is correct, but still humorless.

and that's how we roll.

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tori said...

You used to be a guy? I'm glad you're a girl now. You know that person that walks around town in a skirt, but has a beard? I'm not sure if she/he has decided what he wants to be yet. Maybe he/she is/was a Day-o person too.