my favorite things: atticus edition.

atticus is super fun right now.  some of my favorite things about him at the moment:

...he calls an eskimo kiss an 'applesauce nose.'

...'moonah' = water, 'meemee' = mitten, and 'boogerfry' = butterfly

...he calls himself 'big head.'

...he likes to play a game called 'football down' in which he catches the football, then fumbles it as he throws himself on the ground.

...he has picked up on the fact that we'll be moving, and frequently says, 'live new house.'

...the other day when penelope was crying, he calmly said, 'sister, you're fine.'  (although it sounded like 'chehcheh, tu fyyy.'  he really speaks his own little language.)

...whenever he gets in trouble, his first response is to ask for a hug.  he's effectively manipulative.

...he walks around saying 'hobay, pekk.'  which means, 'obey or get a spank.'  then he whacks his own bottom.  makes my job easier.

...he likes to ask me to play 'murph' (kitties) or to 'bud' (build).

...all cowboy hats are named papa.

...the first thing he says when he hears todd's key in the door is 'dada food? buhga?  fruh fries? peetsa?'  it really highlights that we should be eating out less.

...the other day he picked his nose, then like a gentleman, extended the favor to penelope and picked hers as well.

...he starts off affectionate with penelope, then tries to see how far he can go - is sitting on her okay? smothering her face in the carpet? laying on top of her? snapping her neck while giving her an awesomely huge hug?  yeah...sweet but not appropriate.  or safe.

...he likes to ask who all poops/has boogers/etc.  (yaya booga? mama booga?)

...he has this melt-your-heart laugh whenever you tickle his pitties.

...he knows all his body parts, although he can never actually find his nipples when you ask him to point to them.  he usually points to his sternum. 

...i painted his toenails once because i was painting mine and he wanted in on the action (it's winter, people; who would ever know?).  now he frequently asks to take off his socks so he can look at his 'peet.' (paint.)

...he is all boy, but he is also...i don't know what the word is - organized, maybe?  a "J" personality? ...he has to put his toys away before we leave or before he goes to bed.  he hates getting in trouble.  he asks before he does things that might not be allowed.  he puts his plate on the counter after he's done eating, without being asked.  he has never tried to climb out of his crib, undress himself, open doors he's not allowed to open.  he is kind of the perfect kid.

(not to say he's not also asserting his independence- he hates being watched while doing things he knows how to do himself, or being told how to do something, or having to hold my hand in the parking lot.  he is also learning how to make requests for what to wear.)

and one of my favorites - because he's been sleeping on flannel sheets, he wakes up with the craziest bedhead and this wonderful warm-sheets-baby-head-sleep smell.

ooh, i love this kid.  i love everything about spending all day with him.  i miss him when he's sleeping.  what a blessing.

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Saved by grace said...

So sweet:-)

Eden tries to share with Coop but it soon becomes her putting objects on his head or over his face. And I will say it is nice to hear that sibling love sometimes gets dangerous and it isn't only my child;-)