happy new year.

to me.

as of saturday, i am officially a 25 year old.  do i feel different?  hecks yeah i do.

actually, i don't really.  i even woke up saturday and forgot it was my birthday until todd said something.

i've never really been a birthday person; we never really 'did' birthdays growing up other than a couple presents. and now that i'm an adult, every passing year just reminds me that i probably shouldn't be wearing skinny jeans anymore (even though i was kind of late to jump on that bandwagon anyway).  or at least wearing my polo collars popped like i do sometimes, but i think that should be a rule for everyone, regardless of age.  also, each passing year just reminds me that i've been wearing my eyeliner like this for...about eleven years now... and even though i have a timeless face (hilarious), maybe i should do something about that.

and you know what else i keep thinking? i keep thinking about this lady i met in aldi who had eight kids by the time she was thirty.  and she was still so young at that point that she and her husband were all like, why stop, and now at the age of thirty-eight she has fourteen children. (after the eight kids she had THREE SETS OF TWINS.  in a row.  that means two babies at a time, three times in a row. on top of the eight she already had.  just to be clear.) and she homeschools them all. 

and i'm all like, whoa.  let's slow this gravy train down a bit before i turn into aldi lady.  minus her twelve extra kids and her great skin.

i mean, i got married at 21, had two babies by the age of 24, and also, i shop at aldi.  sounds a bit like aldi lady. 

and then i worry if this is what it's like to get old in the new millenium: demential rants on my blog about being afraid of how my two kids might be some gateway drug into fourteen - because after all, i'm right on track, schedule-wise?  and also, is it an indicator that i'm getting older because i actually met and had an interesting conversation with a homeschool mom while carrying my grocery-list-on-a-clipboard around aldi?  and also because she said that the clipboard put me on track to being the next aldi lady?  (on an unrelated note, i no longer carry a clipboard with me when i shop.)

so...all that to say, i'm halfway to halfway dead, which is a bit sobering.  and actually, knowing how little i exercise, i'm probably being too generous with myself when i say that.  cheery.

so here's to me.  happy birthday and a happy new year.

(note: ignore this blog.  i'm actually quite apathetic about getting older, other than the fact that it's becoming difficult to diregard that i'm as old as the cast of friends when they started shooting the show.  and come on, they were really old even then.  and also, lebron james is younger than me but looks like a forty year old, which must say something about me.  but i swear i'm not depressed or anything.)

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