'member that time?

hey, 'member that time in kindergarten when megan introduced me to the concept of the treasure troll?  and 'member how i was under all this pressure to come up with a wish on the spot so i wished for a goat?

now, i'm not ruling out the probable power of the treasure troll, but it's twenty years later and i'm still waiting...

jog our memory on your own blog and stick the permalink right down there, yo.


tori said...

Did it look like this?

Because if it did, I want one. And I want the rabbit too. and I will wait 20 years to get it.

TheCrislers said...

I would totally wish for a fainting goat- look it up- if I knew what a treasure troll was.

lisagrace said...

shouldn't it say,

"jog your memory..." ?

i'd be happy to jog our memory, but how will i know you're thinking what i'm thinking?