saw another famous person at the mall. nbd.

i don't go to the mall often.  and that is an understatement.  but when i do, i seem to be incredibly lucky in the brush-with-fame department.

last time i went, i got to see the back of david tutera's head.  not to brag or anything, but from 20 feet, it looks exactly like you would expect it to look.  in fact, lauren was all like, who's that and i was all like, it looks like the back of david tutera's head. then we looked up and saw a giant banner with the FRONT of his head on it, with some words that went along the lines of 'yes it is david tutera.  at the mall.  rightnow.  nbd.'  so i'm pretty much class-A when it comes to identifying C-list celebrities from 20 feet and from behind.

which is why i should be trusted when i say kobe bryant was riding the escalator the other day.  i kid you not.  i was within 50 feet of kobe bryant.  and his wife.  at the mall.

so there i was, innocently feeding my baby outside of the orange julius...shack.... (no, i was not feeding her orange julius) and there he was.  riding the escalator like any other lazy person.  (although i was all like, you're in shape enough to take the stairs.  save room for us fatties.)

but here's the thing: he's only like 5'5" in real life.  i'm dead serious.  and he's not really all that in shape.  but he does wear clothing that is made for someone over six feet and in shape, so he kind of swims in it.  and here's the other thing:  he was not riding with his normal drop-dead-gorgeous wife.  instead, he was hanging out with some lady who looked like she'd be at the mall in the middle of a wednesday.

so here's what i took from it:  the camera adds ten pounds to kobe...long-ways.  he needs a stylist.  and he's kind of a dirt bag, riding the escalator with a lady who's not his wife.

there's also the possibility that it wasn't actually kobe, but i think my track record shows that i'm pretty adept at identifying semi-close-by celebrities, so take my word on it.  it was him.


elena. said...

Ahahaha, this is so great.
I believe you...especially since we already know he's kind of a dirt-bag.

YAYA said...

You get your celebrity radar from your mother.

I stood behind Tina Turner in line at the bank one time and almost ran over Patty Duke Astin when she stepped right in front of my car on Wilshire Blvd. Unlike Tina, Patty had to actually notice my presence when I blared my horn at her to get out of the way!

For reals...