frugal fridays: cleaning recipes and musings

so, it's that time of week again - the day where i get to write about SAVING MONEY and not feel embarrassed for boring my audience. because, let's face it people, if you're bored, stop reading and wait for the next post. it's that simple.

green cleaning is not only budget-friendly, but it's also enviro-friendly. and, not to plagiariaze an esurance commercial, but both ways save GREEN. haha. ha. ha...

anyway, i use these recipes around the house all the time (except for the laundry recipe, which we discussed earlier, but i HAVE used it and it works well.) the only thing to prep yourself for is that things don't smell as chemically clean as when you use store-bought methods (read: less like lemons, more like pickles) but the smell only lasts for an hour either way anyway. so i'd rather save the cash and live without the hour-long bleachy smell.

all-purpose antibacterial cleaner:
16 oz water (1/2 spray bottle full)
16 oz vinegar
1 tsp borax (keep out of reach of kiddos and compulsive eaters- toxic if eaten!)

yep. that's it. kills bacteria and mold. costs less than 15c. per big bottle. (i haven't done the exact math, but i know it's at least that if not cheaper. and let's face it, anything less than 2 bucks these days is a STEAL.)

really, for any cleaning other than kitchen and bathroom (where antibacterial is a must), you could just fill a spray bottle with warm water and add about a tsp of dishsoap.

laundry soap:
2 parts grated ivory soap (the $1/3 bars stuff)
1 part borax
1 part washing soda (NOT the same as baking soda; they sell it at hyvee in ames in the laundry section.)

use 2 tbsp. in a load of wash (let dissolve in water before adding clothing)
you could mix this all together then shake well before using. i just take the lazy way and keep a tbsp and a 1/2 tbsp in my laundry room - add 1 tbsp of soap, then 1/2 tbsp of each of the other things and call it good.

(*note: i've seen some people boil the soap down with water then add the other stuff to form more of a gel/liquid detergent, but like i said, i'm lazy and this seems to work just as well.)

window cleaner
rubbing alcohol.

that's it. spray on glass or pour onto a paper towel, then wipe.

toilet bowl cleaner
1/2 c. borax
1 c. vinegar

pour into toilet bowl, close lid. let sit for 1/2 hour, then scrub with toilet brush (super shiny bowl when you're done!)

drain cleaner
1/2 c. baking soda
1/2 c. vinegar

pour baking soda down drain, then slowly pour vinegar down drain. flush with boiling water after the bubbling has stopped. repeat as necessary. (best to do this once a month for preventive care - not as good as drano once you have a hair nest in your drain.)

so, that's it. with a few basic ingredients, your home can be clean and free of bacteria and mold, all for pennies on the dollar for the store-bought cleaners. and if you really like that lemon smell, buy a 25c lemon at aldi, cut and peel it, rub the counters with the actual fruit part (then rinse so it doesn't get sticky) - lemon is antibacterial. then grind up the lemon peel in your garbage disposal.

and now for my musing: i'm going to ask our property manager people if i can plant a container garden somewhere around here over the summer. then i'm going to look around for canning/freezing equipment at garage sales and have myself a big, stinky (according to allison) hayday of canning my homegrowns. tomatoes, that is.


Anastasia said...

Lovin' these frugal fridays paige! Can i link to a couple from our blog?

paige said...

totally - i'd love it!

allison said...

i hope you get to plant a garden....if not i'm sure you can have some of our bounty providing the weather cooperates.