$7 second try

i picked up cans again this past tuesday and brought them back this morning for a whoppin' $7. it took me 2 hours, so if you know this song, sing-a-long, "that's like $3.50 an hour!!!" thank you nappy d for your brilliant quips.

anywho, it is a good walk and i enjoy cleaning up the ditches. seriously, mt. dew drinkers, keep your trash in your vehicles and your tobacco spit in your face! i went out again today and found a veritable bounty of canned goods. tune in next week to see what the magic number is! anybody got any guesses?

i will clue you in that my bags were as full, if not more full than this past week, yet i had one less bag than the first week.

it's like one of those mind puzzles where sally finished second, but before the boy in the green shirt. alfredo drinks pepsi, but still finished fourth. oh alfredo, caffeine is only good for short energy boosts with a debilitating crash. you should have tried 5 hour energy. then we could have all witnessed caffeini alfredo.

i know. that was lame. i'm not sorry.


LisaGrace said...

more like not lame. more like awesome.

tivo vovo said...

thank you gracie.
you always have my back!

Danielle said...

not necessarily lame. more like...creative? we'll go with that. :)