frugal friday: cost of food and others

what does the average american family spend on groceries per month? check it out here and see where you fall in comparison!

some other tiny tidbits to tack on to the frugal friday post about cleaning:

1. use a microfiber cloth to clean with! seriously, these are pretty much the greatest technology developed in the cleaning world (maybe)...i got an eight-pack in the auto department for five bucks. dry, they dust like a pro without any cleaning solution. damp, they clean glass and countertops (even greasy surfaces) - i just dampen mine with water or a little rubbing alcohol for glass. then they just go in the washer and can be used again and again!

2. attach a microfiber cloth to your swiffer sweeper so you don't have to keep buying those RIDICULOUSLY expensive disposable refills.

that's all. have fun saving money!


Anonymous said...

definitely going to check out the microfiber cloths... i got an email forward about how the cleaning solution in swiffer products is harmful to the livers of small children and small pets... and since everything you read on email is true... GO microfiber!!!

LisaGrace said...

i can't believe that the "thrifty cost" of food is $350 a month!