perelandra by clive staples lewis

i finished this book last week, but failed to mention it. it was great! truth be told, i did not realize there was a space trilogy until about 4 years ago. before that, i always thought there was just a space book by c.s. lewis called perelandra which people often touted as being pretty good, but not as good as the chronicles of narnia. perhaps it is due to the novelty of them and discovering in fact that there are three space books, but i am really enjoying them. i can see why perelandra is elevated in most people's accounts. it is very good, very clear and concise in its allegorical approach to Jesus and the Gospel. i am about 100 pages into that hideous strength, the third and final book in the trilogy. it is very good thus. i will speak more to this when i am finished. thanks for reading.


Andrew said...

No! Thank YOU for reading!

allison said...

i really enjoy c.s. lewis and i am very fond of the chonicles of narnia. i think that i am gonna add his space trilogy to my reading list.

thanks for sharing...i had no idea they even existed.