march madness!

okay, so since todd hasn't been watching basketball, neither have i, so i know nothing about the actual "march madness" tournament. however, march has been awesome in the van voorst house so far!

1. atticus turned 3 months.

2. he cut two teeth.

3. atticus and i went down to mp to visit grandma karen and grandpa doug, and to make some sweet moolah.

4. atticus had an ultrasound done on his heart, which revealed that the hole in his heart is only a minor issue that can be monitored simply by listening through a stethoscope at each visit! praise god!

5. he laughed at doctor paschen at his last doctor appointment, but hasn't laughed since. (i'm holding out hope he'll do it again soon- it was so cute!)

6. atticus still has dreams of becoming the next (family-friendlier) michael phelps, as he shows off in the bathtub.

7. he rolled over today - twice!

8. he slept 7 hours last night before waking up, then slept in until 8:00!!!!!!!!!

9. todd and i will be trying out fuji steakhouse on thursday for my birthday, without the kiddo. (he's not a fan of sushi, so we're leaving him with ami duvick.)

10. i will be the big 2-3...ah, youth is fleeting.

11. while this doesn't fit under the "awesome march" category, my hair is still falling out post-pregnancy, and i'm starting to develop a bald patch - or a receding hairline, however you want to look at it. like i said, youth is fleeting.

12. i made pumpkin brownies, which were awesome and so much better than the whole wheat zucchini brownies i attempted a few weeks ago...blech. (dirt would've tasted better and had fewer calories.)

13. todd and i are considering doing "veggietastic april," where all our groceries will be meatless. (weddings, date nights, and dinners with friends are not included under the veggietastic umbrella.)

14. we went to get the final things left on our registry the other night...after taking into consideration the things we'd already received or bought, things we realized we didn't still need, and things that had been discontinued by target, we bought four things: a pack of hangers, window shades, a laundry (read: board book) basket and some onesies. anticlimactic.

15. i switched out atticus' too-small clothing for stuff he fits into. world, my 3.5 month old is wearing 9 month onesies. and newborn pants.

16. i'm starting to research chicken rearing and edible landscaping for future reference. i also read "a wrinkle in time," which has nothing to do with either of the above topics other than that it also included reading...

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Ted n' Tiff said...

I love reading your updates!