hello world!

its me again. now that i have more motor control, writing these blogs should be a breeze. i just thought i'd clue you in on a few of my new faves and fave faces. (say that seven times fast. i can't. for various reasons.)

my favorites:
*sucking on my hand.
*putting my hands together.
*watching my hand.
*swinging my hand.
*pretty much anything else where i can involve my newly-coordinated hand.
*blowing spit bubbles.
*never actually swallowing my saliva. ever.
*doing the "modified cobra pose for itsy bitsies" while mommy does her grown-up yoga.
*growing growing growing like a weed.
*kicking my legs.
*grabbing stuff (although, once i learn to let go of stuff, this will probably get more fun.)
*standing, sitting, holding my head up.
*staring at brightly colored objects.
*putting whatever i can into my mouth.
*pooping pooping pooping (seriously, some things never get old.)
*using my voice to make happy squeals, coos, and the newly-discovered annoyed squeal.
*making these awesome faces:

i love mommy!

transitioning from "sourface" to full out crying.

kissing the camera and all my adoring fans.


wiped. out.

thinking about getting older and hitting the big 0-3. months, that is.

after drowning my aging sorrows in a bottle of breastmilk. looking a little worse-for-wear.

loving the "tooth"brush.

not sure what the heck i'm doing here.

chillin with grandma in my bibbies.

a little groggy.

my farmhand face. and outfit.

not sure what to think of the eskimo gear my mom dolled me up in. it was 43 degrees outside and i got all sweaty.


ah, the elusive sourface, finally caught on film.

man, mommy sure is funny! (i have a feeling that once i actually understand what she's saying, her jokes won't be quite as funny. daddy and i can not-laugh together.)

snoozing, cuddled up to the nuk.

and again. so you've pretty much seen every single nap i've taken now.

RAWKFIST!! and i'm proud to be a van voorst, where at least i know i'm freeeeeeee.

another VERY pretty face, if you ask me.

who the crap are you? why the crap did you wake me up? where am i? why aren't you feeding me?

oooohh, stretching.

how i love my car seat.

love you! and love to poop out of this outfit! (that's probably what i'm getting ready to do here.)

go cardinals!

what the heck is going on? why do you keep flashing that light in my face? freaking paparrazzi.

annndd.... the dead guy.

both me and mommy are looking ridiculous. here, let me sing a song about it.


ah yes. two months and learning how to express "coy"

"the old man"
so there's my life in a nutshell.


Danielle said...

LOVE the rawkfist! adorable!!!

Ted n' Tiff said...

I LOVE all the pictures!! So much fun to see all of them and how the little guy is doing! Keep posting pictures, I will always enjoy them!Thanks for the words of encouragement on my last post, I definitely just need to be patient and give it all to the Lord for sure.