$9 even

my weekly can-herding trip from last week yielded $9 this morning after i redeemed them at hy-vee. i am in the redemption business. helping cans to be reborn and made into new creations, reconciled to their creator. ok, i'm just a shmoe pickin' up cans, but it's not my fault they call it can redemption. has all the sound of a good tent revival, right? i can't be the only one.

*insert cricket chirp here*
i also received some good insider info regarding cans from our good friend, "bounce," at a rock band party at andy vw's on saturday night after church. he said you can take crushed cans back to the ames redemption center for 3 cents. so instead of passing up the less fortunate cans that have been run over and discarded on the side of the rode or tossing them into the trash after the mahcines at hy-vee reject them for the 15th time, i can make 3 cents on them and bring my sam's club, fareway, cub foods cans (which hy-vee's machine will not take) as well. awesomexcore! so we'll see what next week yields. year-to-date: $45,35 :) there's gold in dem dere ditches!


Danielle said...

you're hilarious todd!

and yet inspiring...

if i start collecting on this side of town (so i don't interfere on your territory), i may be able to start a good savings for summer missions next year!

where do you get your bags?

tivo vovo said...

i just use regular old trash bags.