that hideous strength by c.s. lewis

finished it this week. such a good book. i think it may have been my favorite of the series. it is certainly bizarre, but i like it. i like the twists and peculiarities of it. my friend andrew vardeman deserves many prompts for letting me borrow the series for the months it has taken me to find time to get through them all. they were well worth the read. they may be among my favorite literature, but that may be a bit "prisoner-of-the-moment" of me. however, i will definitely want to re-read them again someday and look forward to owning them someday so that i can read them to atticus as he grows up, among others (i.e. the chronicles of narnia, lord of the rings, etc...)

i highly recommend them.
thanks again andrew for first suggesting them to me, and then lending them to me.
you're a good brother.

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Alex Tuckness said...

That is interesting. I liked that one the least of the three. Maybe it is because I find Earth less interesting than other planets.