so this week my hy-vee total was $10.75 and thanks to my good friend "bounce" (who also happens to be a total rock band stud!) i got $4.20 in crushed cans and smashed bottles that normally would have either have been left on the side of the road or thrown away at hy-vee after the machine rejected for the fourteenth time. so that brings my year-to-date total to $60.30 in cans.

that's a free month of my health and dental insurance. so that's swiggidy sweet!

my wife is amazing. if i am, it's perhaps only in her eyes (and maybe my mom's). either way, it's nice to be something to somebody, even when you know you do not deserve it. i suppose that is what makes her love seem all the more a blessing from God. not hard to see why marriage was God's idea and His favorite metaphor for our relationship with Him.

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