getting to know todd

what i know and love about my awesome husband:

.he is dedicated and deliberate. in whatever he decides to do, and whomever and whatever he decides to love, he is whole-hearted. if he does something, it is because he has CHOSEN to - he is not flippant, negligent or impulsive. every little thing he does is thought through beforehand with amazing attention to detail.

.he is reliable. if he says he will do something, i NEVER question if he'll follow through; it's a given. he is punctual, trustworthy, and considerate.

.he is practical. he is detail-oriented, and his mind is able to weigh different options and discern which is most efficient with amazing wisdom.

.he allows for wiggle-room. sometimes, i like things to be pretty. it doesn't matter as much to me if they're practical or efficient or necessary. sometimes it only matters that they're pretty. and he likes that about me. he likes to surprise me with blue wine glasses even though we have perfectly useful clear ones, and even though we hardly ever use the clear ones, and even though he's not a huge fan of blue glass, and even though we have nowhere to put them. i like them, and he likes me.

.he's a great dad. he lights up when he sees atticus, and atticus lights up when he sees todd. todd loves coming home to play with him, loves holding him, and loves telling anyone who will listen all the reasons he's so proud of atticus. he gets excited with me about seemingly silly things that atticus does, and is already thinking about how he'll be able to be the best dad possible as atticus grows up. (he's already looking forward to "the talk" - now that's a great dad!) he likes going to as many of atticus' doctor appointments as he can with me.

.he loves learning. and he loves sharing what he's learned. he's a reader and an absorber, but he also is a great "outputter" of information - he's a wonderful writer and a clear, concise teacher.. he has a hunger for god's word and for truth. he is also ridiculously smart.

.he hates contemporary art. and i love that about him. we can make fun of it together.

.he's really funny. he tells jokes that make me laugh even when i think back on them, which is how you know something's truly funny if you ask me. when it's still funny the next day.

.he's such a servant. he loves giving and doing things for other people, even if they're not his first-choice idea of fun. for instance, when i was pregnant, he rubbed my legs ENDLESSLY when they were all restless and horrible. not his first choice of things to do, but he knew it was something that i would find helpful, so he did it.

.he has more self-discipline of anyone i know. this kind of goes along with what i said before, but if he decides he's going to do something, he does it. he doesn't "try" to do anything; he either does it or he doesn't. and he never DOESN'T do something that he had decided that he WOULD do.

.he likes to surprise me. and he's a great gift-giver. he surprised me before our wedding by taking me to a counting crows concert. i, on the other hand, gave him his wedding gift over a year after we got married. his gifts are always super thoughtful and i'm always blown away by how perfect they are.

.he's FANTASTIC with money. he is such an awesome provider and budgeter, but he's also super generous. i never feel like we go without, and it's so cool to see him get so excited to give what we can away. and while he would never spend money on himself, he likes to get me little gifts, which i can't say i don't love!

.he's helpful. he sweeps the floor, puts away the laundry, dries and puts away the dishes, and takes out the trash (including the diapers...blech) without ever having to be asked. he frequently asks if there's anything he can do to help me. he's tidy, so i'm really only ever picking up my own messes (of which there are more than i'd like to admit.)

.he's respectful. he has never, ever yelled at me, even when he's been frustrated or angry with something i've done. he only brings up problem areas in a "let's work this out" kind of way, never to spite me or make me feel bad. even when we're disagreeing, he still speaks to me respectfully, and he NEVER EVER puts me down.

.he likes ice cream. i never fully appreciated ice cream until we got married. and i know it's silly, but i love how much he loves ice cream.

he's a hard worker. his work ethic is beyond description.

.he makes good decisions. i fully trust him to make decisions for our family, even when they're not what i would've chosen, because i know that he makes the best decisions for US (whereas, i seem to want to make the best decisions for ME). and frequently when there is a decision that can't be best for both of us, but rather is better for one or the other of us, he makes decisions in my favor. which must be ridiculously difficult.

.he doesn't tickle me, even though he wants to. meaning, he loves me selflessly. he watches chick flicks (or Nacho Libre or Talladega Nights or Hot Rod) too many times to count, but he doesn't make me watch scary movies. he lets me eat all the oreos and the life cereal. he likes it when i try new recipes, and is very very graceful about the ones that don't make the "tastes-good" cut. he likes my cooking. he cuts his hair the way i like. he wears jeans that i pick out. he takes care of himself. he compliments me in front of other people. he compliments me TO other people, even when i'm not around. he holds my hand in church. he opens my car door for me every time. he usually lets me decide where we go to eat on our date nights. he still takes me on dates. he gets dressed up to go to olive garden, even though that's silly, just because i want to. he cuddles with me before bed. he watches friends with me, even though he thinks it's kind of dumb (which it is). he requests certain meals that i make. he gives me neck rubs. he doesn't make fun of me (too much) for liking 7th heaven. he asks me what i think about things or what i'm reading.

there are so many more, but who knows how long it would take to list them all? i just love my husband, that's all.


Danielle said...

aww! paige, that was beautiful! you're lucky to have him! and he's lucky to have someone who cares so deeply for him as well!!

can't wait to see you!!

tivo vovo said...

you are a very good wife my dear and an excellent mom. there is no one i would rather have watching my son than you and no one i would rather come home to at the end of the day than my beautiful wife!

Mike and Jess Alexander said...

I agree with Danielle - That was beautiful. Thank you so so so much for sharing that!