$11.25 and a partridge in a pear tree

i brought my cans back from last week's bachelor pad can-a-thon. they totalled $11.25. that makes a year-to-date total of $36.35. that's pretty spiffy. although i did see quite a few people there also redeeming cans. perhaps they drink a lot of soda or maybe they're encroaching on my turf. straight up can redemption turf wars. (as a side note, both times i tried to type "turf" i accidentally typed "turd" and thought about leaving it).

it took me two hours to collect 'em all and about a half an hour to redeem them (business was picking up i tell ya) so that's like $4.50/hr.

as a bonus, i also found a blackberry (heavily damaged), a pair of victoria's not-so-secret thong panties, and a gumby's pizza box with the "collect 10 and get a free pizza" deal on it. so i guess i got a 1/10 of a free pizza, a battery (the only salvageable piece) to a blackberry, and possibly a communicable disease.

shout out to allison who saw me picking up nickels! honk if you hear me. woot!woot!


Ted n' Tiff said...

What a cool part-time job you've found! Way to make the world a better place by picking up after people! Go Todd!!

paige said...

hahahaa. you're so funny! love you!